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Author Info. For the moment, I'll point you to my main author page at John T. Cullen. As I develop this website, I'll break the information up in smaller, more digestible bits. More info soon.

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The author is a member of professional organizations including the following. Clocktower Books is a Recognized Publisher by the International Thriller Writers (ITW).

Jean (John) T. Cullen author of more than 50 books including 40 novels, of which several are historical fiction

Jean (John) T. Cullen author of more than 50 books including 40 novels, of which several are historical fiction

John T. Cullen Active Member since 2009; Clocktower Books Recognized Publisher since 2009

Quick Preview. I have been writing, editing, and publishing online since 1996. Aside from nonfiction, magazines, and the Clocktower Books imprint, I have authored over forty novels. Here is a quick look at my genre output. I write SF as John Argo, nonfiction and suspense/historical as John T. Cullen, and more romantic fiction as Jean T. Cullen (my real name). I am a U.S. Army veteran (six years in USAREUR during the Cold War), hold three degrees including a BA in English/ History/ Classics/ Languages (Univ of Connecticut) and an MS in Business Administation (Boston University); BBA Computer Info Systems/Accounting, National University.

Here are five linked sites representing my major fiction interests (historical not shown separately here).

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I adopted the pseudonym John Argo in 1996 when launching my first novels and other fiction online. As a Classics student, I regarded the new worlds of wonder (Internet) and compared with the space age journey of Bronze Age sailors on their own sea of wonder, where outer space was the Aegean and Pontic Seas over 3,000 years ago. (Continued at lower right)

Alcazar Gardens—Balboa Park

Historical Novels are among this author's favorite genres

San Diego, California, USA

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Jason and his Argonauts (literally 'Argo-sailors' after the Ship of Wonder, Argo) sailed into the Internet and Cosmos of their time on breathtaking adventures. That is how the Internet (World Wide Web) seemed with its limitless possibilities when Brian Callahan and I (C & C Publishers) launched the world's first HTML novels starting in 1996. I was the first author to publish what I call HTML novels online. Starting with Neon Blue (suspense) and This Shoal of Space (SF) these were proprietary (not public domain), entire novels online (not on portable media), to be read in HTML, in entirety, posted in an innovative method of weekly serialized chapters.

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